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Post by Aidan123 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 1:56 am

Hey, I'm new to the forum..but I've had leopard geckos for a few years now:) This year is my first time breeding, so i have a few question.
Ive been on endless website and got most of my information from there, but there are a few things i can't find:

Im planning on incubating the eggs in a sealed plastic tub (with a few holes) which would be within the incubator. Ive noticed on the lid(I've had it set up to make sure all is working etc) a collection a water droplets. Is that normal? or would they damage the egg if they fell on one?

Also, I've read that the time they hold eggs can differ quite a lot. One of my females mated about five weeks ago, nearing six. Since they she has gotten larger around the stomach area toward the back legs. Ive also seen her digging in a container of moist vermiculite that i put in her terrarium.

Thanks in advance for any advice Smile


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