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Post by wolfbane468 on Tue Feb 21, 2012 6:27 am

well today i learnt cleo to allow me to stroke her which was essential as she had a little shed left on her eye lid i did it by letting her walk over my hands but as she did making a little tunnel with my index finger and thumb so she would get used to feeling me on her back making it smaller and smaller everytime then eventually after a few mins she allowed me to gentle cup my hand around her then i gently stroked her and once she was okay with me stroking her head i git the cotton bud with warm water and rubbed the eye lid,

i felt such joy at how it all happened i had to run and inform everyone im so happy im finally turning into a leo keeper and actually feel confident in most things i do now thanks to all you guys and jordon for an awesome site that more than anything gives people a place where they dont feel stupid asking the questions they want to know

will still be completely addicted to posting on here and hope soon i will be confident and able to help others Surprised
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Post by Kermit on Tue Feb 21, 2012 10:07 am

That's awesome pete... it only gets easier from here. I tell ya they know when you're trying to help. Eros had a bit of stuck shed on the top of his head, covering one eyelid and his nostrils from his last shed so we set up his bath in the bathroom sink, put him in and let him walk a bit, then I started rubbing his eye lid and lip with a warm cotton bud and the shed immediately started rolling off. His nose tip was a little more stubborn and I actually had to hold the cotton bud there a bit to saturate it, he didn't move... didn't even twitch like he knew he needed the help, let me hold his head perfectly still while I gently peeled off the shed (actually all I did was hold it while he pulled away, fiured he knew what he was doing), and then he let me hold each foot to check for shed and take it off 3 toes. Such a tolerant boy.

Keep up the good work thumbs up 2


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Post by gothicgurrrl on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:23 pm

wow Smile great job!
I remember the feeling when you first hold your leo Very Happy
As Kel -Kermit- said, Keep up the good work!
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