Cleo laid an egg

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Cleo laid an egg Empty Cleo laid an egg

Post by mosst on Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:40 pm

Cleo laid an egg on the heated floor and inbetwen a rock and the window. She was guarding it with her back foot on top of the egg.
She has had clutches before but not with me, I am her new owner of maybe 2 months. Here is the Egg.
Cleo laid an egg 2012-014

I gently picked up the egg with a plastic spoon then put it in a tiny deli cup with vermiculite and a sensor.
Cleo kept trying to dig the rock up to bury the egg and cup, later tonite I have found her resting on top of the deli cup and now sleeping. Here is a pic, it is so cute!
Cleo laid an egg 2012-015
Cleo laid an egg 2012-016


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