this weeks weigh in of the troops

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this weeks weigh in of the troops Empty this weeks weigh in of the troops

Post by stubby_leopard on Tue Mar 20, 2012 3:21 am

1st up is my little blind albino delilah: 46g, she's keeping this weight steadily on her mealies, morios and occasional waxworm. I'm proud of her for not loosing weight! she's also a very small build girl, has a tiny head compared to the other two so I think she's just generally small.

2nd is my fatty tango: 63g, has been keeping this weight for maybe 3 weeks now, even though she eats whatever moves in her viv!

3rd is the new male sonny, sho has a ferocious appetite!: 57g, he eats like a monster, he can easily consume maybe 20 crickets in each sitting followed by a few mealies. He has an enormous head, and is easily 10inches long!

It was sonnys 1st weigh in with me, been letting him settle in, but I hope to see him grow into a large boy! He's been pooping very well, am yet to see him shed but he's a shy little feller.

Anyway that's my life story.

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this weeks weigh in of the troops Empty Re: this weeks weigh in of the troops

Post by gothicgurrrl on Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:30 am

Congrats on the great weights! Keep up the good work Smile
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