Need a little advice about feeding choices

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Need a little advice about feeding choices Empty Need a little advice about feeding choices

Post by Linsey on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:58 am

Hi guys!
I posted on here about a week or so ago about my leo Fancy not eating. Well he continues the hunger strike, or at least on the choices he should be eating. I tried mealies, crickets and superworms and he turns his nose up at them. I know waxworms are just strictly a treat due to the high fat content and no real nutritional value, He ate 3 last week and 3 just today. So I went ahead and ordered silkworms and phoenix worms from I cant seem to find them in the MInneapolis area! Brought him into a herp vet and we did a stool check and everything is healthy! He weighs 58g as of this morning but I can tell the tail is a little thinner! Heres my questions:

He seems to only want the soft shelled worms has anybody else encountered this?
If he likes either of the 2 worms I ordered has anybody bred these, and how hard are they to breed and raise?
How long can this hunger strike last? I know he is getting his big boy pants on, but we have had an unseasonably warm spring and winter is over shouldn't the appetite be coming back?

I have to say you guys are awesome on this site at helping a new Leo owner out!

Linsey anyone?


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Need a little advice about feeding choices Empty Re: Need a little advice about feeding choices

Post by Kermit on Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:59 am

The appetite will actually drop off in the beginning of the warm months in anticipation of breeding season. It affects each leo differently. When Eros got his big boy pants on he went from eating 2-3 supers every other day like clock work to eating 2-3 supers once or twice a week. Then he brumated thru the winter on the same eating schedule, now that the warmer months are coming he picked up his eating jan, feb, then in early march he tapered off again likely in anticipation of breeding season. He's also been a bit temperamental the last few times we tried to hang out. The minimal eating could go on as late as august.

I can't tell you how easy it is to raise silkies or phoenix worms but I think there might be some info in the feeding section where the topic was discussed. Phoenix worms are very high in calcium so there usually is no need to suppliment extra calcium when feeding a staple of phoenix worms. Silkies are a well balanced nutritional feeder. Another soft bodied worm to consider is butterworms. A little higher in fats but not as bad as waxies. Good in a rotation for sure. I would stop offering the waxies are you are likely getting him addicted. Even if it means fasting him for a few days then offering an alternative such as supers or phoenix... you need to break the cycle.


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