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much better! :) Empty much better! :)

Post by SickPuppy on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:23 am

I'm not sure if any of you guys remember but here's just a little update on my leo, Eos.

when i first got him (a few months ago) he was super fiesty and skiddish and just all over the place. Since then i've been handling him and giving him little leo baths (usually just before shedding) and he's been absolutely wonderful! he's definitely "slowed down" like leos do, and he's so easy to handle now. he never jumps or anything. sometimes he gets super excited and climbs all over me though x) it's funny, just so long as i'm not standing up or walking anywhere with him, haha! i just took him outside for the very first time and he loved it! he's still pretty small, he's ten months now, so climbing around in the grass was a challenge for him. i think it's really good that he got some sun too, he seemed to really enjoy it. after a few minutes he climbed up on me and basked on my thigh, it was really cute.

some of you may recall, i posted that i thought he had some sort of eye infection. well, i took him to the vet and there's no parasites or anything. she just said to continuously flush out his eyes, which i have been doing once a day, and he'll be fine. his eye is much better and he doesn't seem to be favoring it or closing it nearly as often. Smile

i've been looking for a bigger viv though since i notice sometimes real late at night he'll get sorta anxious and try to get out. he's in a 10 gallon now and i want to upgrade to a 20 gallon... if you guys have any cool sites or anything that sell -super- cheap tanks & supplies, let me know!

anyways, this was just a little update on my leo, he's doing great. :3


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much better! :) Empty Re: much better! :)

Post by Kermit on Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:37 pm

So great to hear that he is settling in well and getting his big boy pants on Smile I always look on craigs list for used tanks. I found a really great 90 gallon slate bottom tank on there for our ball python for THIRTY bucks... I couldn't believe it. Looks like it's from the 60's all chrome and glass but it's super cool and HUGE plus the slate bottom helps a lot with keeping things heated for Loki. Also places like petsmart and petco have sales on occasion... a dollar a gallon sale so a 20 long viv would only be 20$ then tax so keep an eye out for them or ask the manager if he knows if one might be coming up soon.

Just an fyi which I'm sure you are aware of... be careful taking Eos out onto the lawn. Things like bug killer and chemlawn type applications linger a long time esp. afater the lawn is re-wet like with dew or rain and the chemicals can burn or poison your leo. Also make sure you check him over really well when you bring him back in to make sure he didn't pick up any mites. thumbs up


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