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Begginer Breeder here :) Empty Begginer Breeder here :)

Post by Smile4Me2Night on Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:03 pm

Hello everyone!!

For the past 9 months ive been getting ready to start breeding Leopard geckos, ive built a huge cage for my trio (which I don't have yet), I have an incubator as well as growing out tanks Smile Ive also done a TON of research Smile plus I already own two geckos. Though I will not be breeding them because I dont know any of their genetics.

Well now I need geckos! I am really interested in the Blizzard, Blazing and Snow morphs.

So here's my question, where can I find a breeder that's reputible? I cant find any locally so id be willing to pay shipping Smile

Thanks and feel free to give some advice, Smile


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Begginer Breeder here :) Empty Re: Begginer Breeder here :)

Post by Karagain on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:55 pm

I find reptile shows are very good for getting good breeding leo's and interesting morphs, you can usually chat to the breeders and they will give you tonnes of info and their contact details Smile x


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Begginer Breeder here :) Empty Re: Begginer Breeder here :)

Post by geckochick89 on Sun Mar 18, 2012 1:35 pm

I try to buy all of my geckos at shows, its just the best option because you can see the gecko firsthand, handle the gecko, and you can see what each breeders stock looks like. I always go to reptile shows with the morphs I want in mind, and then I wander throughout all of the booths first to see what they have before I make any final decisions. So far, I have probably purchased around 30 geckos from shows, and I have never had problems with any of them, except for a mistaken sex in one, but it was a tiny hatchling so I knew the risk. No big deal.
Also, at shows you have can have a better interaction with the breeders and see how they handle and take care of their geckos.
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Begginer Breeder here :) Empty Re: Begginer Breeder here :)

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