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Piggy Piggy

Post by dgale on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:51 am

So my little gecko is probably around 4 months old and has a HUGE appetite. I bet he has been eating 6-8 crickets and 4-5 meal worms each day! I have also been giving him a couple wax worms once or twice a week as a treat. I'm afraid I might be over feeding him but I feel like if he wasn't hungry he wouldn't be eating that much... How much does a growing leo really need?


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Re: Piggy Piggy

Post by Kermit on Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:58 am

A 4 month old leo will eat a lot as they are using all that food to grow. Usually most leos will stop when they're full, some juvies might over eat to the point of regurgitating but this only usually happens once or twice before they learn being a glutton isn't beneficial. It sounds like you're doing ok with your feeding regimen, but I'd only suggest the wax worms once a week or so but you do have a good rotation of bugs going on there for nutritional balance. Just remember that wax worms are the twinkies of the bug world. Growing leos need more protein that fats so that they have all the energy they need to grow. Depending on how big the crickets are you should be fine. Just make sure that you don't think you're feeding an excessive amount (I don't think you are for his age). There isnothing wrong with leaving your leo a little hungry... it makes for a motivated eater thumbs up 2 My boy was a glutton until he was about 9 months old which is when we switched to feeding every other day and now that he is over 2 he eats 2-3x a week about 2-4 superworms per feeding.


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