Urban Gecko Question...

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Re: Urban Gecko Question...

Post by avangelgeckos on Sun Jan 01, 2012 2:05 pm

I had a male and he wasn't the first that was 35g when he first started breeding. He was actually my most successful male or maybe it was just the females. What everyone is saying about weight and age are factors that do play in but so are other things. Rule of thumb is follow the rules before you make your own. Owning and producing well over 200 geckos has showed me so many rules change and are used differently along the way.



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Re: Urban Gecko Question...

Post by rickmoss95 on Mon Jan 02, 2012 9:04 am

i agree with chaz on this. it all depends on the health of the geckos, that is THE most important factor, over age and weight! i do believe that 45 grams is the smallest you should breed a female if it can be helped...and when i say this, this is what i mean; i have a female sunglow that weighed 35 grams when she laid an infirtile clutch of eggs. i KNOW they were infirtile because i had not put her in with a male. when a female leopard gecko lays eggs, be firtile or not, she is almost always going to continue to lay eggs, even if she has not been with a male. it is no harder on a female to lay fertile eggs, vs. infertile eggs.... so i went ahead and put her with my white and yellow sunglow male. she laid six clutches of infirtile eggs, no bad eggs, and has absolutely amazing health. she is around sixty five to senenty grams, and i see NO problems in any way with her. she was, as the rest of my collection, in absolute optimal health, and that is what made the difference here, not age, or weight...now i AM NOT saying breed small females if they are healthy, i am simply showing that health is the most important thing here, then weight, then age...

...oh yeah, and all of those babies are perfectly healthy, and the same 'normal' size of the average leopard gecko hatchling. they are also all beautiful white and yellow sunglows and sunglows...

so before we start a big arguement of which is more important age or size...it is health. i have been breeding reptiles for over 20 years, and keeping for over 25...i am also good friends with people who have been breeding only leopards for over 25 years, and they all agree. one of my friends, who owns one of the premier gecko breeding businesses in the world, was the opinion that made me go ahead and breed that female, and i never doubt his word, aftrerall, he has produced many first morphs, and continually produces some of the finest leopard geckos on the planet...and a reason why 99 percent of my animals come directly from him. i am by no means a 'know it all', i am still learning every day, but my personal time, and efforts in this hobby have taught me ALOT....and health is the number one thing to look at before you breed any species of animal.
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